Introducing SENSENE™
Introducing SENSENE™

Introducing SENSENE™

At TCS we are delighted to inform you, our customers that SENSENE™ has been positively assessed as a “GOTS approved additive”, in accordance with the applicable criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) – Version 6.0, as approved by the certification body Ecocert. Accordingly, SENSENE™ can be used for application in the processing of GOTS certified textile products.

SENSENE™ is an alcohol based dry-cleaning fluid that can clean not only fat based stains, but water based stains too. With other solvents, many types of soiling require pre-treatment—a manual process which can be very labour intensive. However, SENSENE™ removes these stains easily during a regular machine cleaning cycle.

This new certification gives dry cleaners additional assurance that SENSENE™ is free from hazardous substances and meets environmental criteria, with low toxicity and high biodegradability.

At TCS we are very confident that SENSENE™ can help even the most discerning dry cleaners to balance the requirements necessary for quality cleaning, sustainability, and safety.

We believe that SENSENE™ gives the dry-cleaning industry a solvent for the future that is both effective and sustainable.

Why Choose SENSENE™?

  • Very high solvency power and reliably removes a variety of stains on difference fabrics.
  • Prevents discolouring and keeps colours bright.
  • Biodegradable and low aquatic toxicity make it environmentally responsible.
  • Gentle to fabrics and causes relatively low wrinkling which leaves fabrics with a great touch.
  • An easy smart process, shorter cycle times, faster drying textiles, less energy use, less pre-spotting and reduced finishing all save time and costs.
  • Leaves nothing but a clean fresh smell on cleaned textiles. Stable formulation minimises accumulation of bacteria.
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