When, Why & How to use Bleach in Laundry
When, Why & How to use  Bleach in Laundry

When, Why & How to use Bleach in Laundry


Bleaches are used in laundry for 2 main purposes, to remove or decolourise stains and to kill bacteria. However, it is important to use the correct type of bleach in the correct way for it to be effective and to prevent damage to your textiles.

Most soiling can be removed with the correct wash processes and detergent. Bleaches should not be used as a replacement to these and should always be used sparingly as they can be damaging to some fabric types.

Things to consider when choosing a bleach include;

  • The fabric type and colour
  • The type of staining
  • The temperature of the wash
  • The length of cycle and the time that the stain may have had to set

If the stain is caused by mineral based soiling such as grease or carbon, bleach will not be effective in removing it and the wash process should be revisited.  Bleach is very effective in removing colour from stains such as red wine, coffee etc often found on table linens.  This is because the stain isn’t actually removed, however the oxygen in the bleach reacts and neutralises the colour.

At TCS we have a range of bleaches to suit all types of work.

Hypochlorite bleach

Hypochlorite bleach comes in both liquid and powder forms, is suitable for use on white textiles and should be used in the first rinse after the main wash at temperatures under 60°.  This is a hazardous chemical and should be handled in accordance with safety data sheets which can be found on the product page on our website. It is better to auto dose this kind of bleach to avoid potential spillages. 

Lizerna POX

Oxygen-based bleaches

Oxygen based bleaches are highly effective on white textiles but are also colour safe and are stocked in powder form. We have 2 different oxy bleaches which should be used in the main wash, one of which is a low temp bleach, effective at 40°, and the other is best at 60° or above.

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