Wedding Dress Cleaning & Packaging
Wedding Dress Cleaning & Packaging

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Packaging

Here at TCS, we are expecting 2021 to be a bumper year for weddings. Although a few have gone ahead with intimate ceremonies during the lockdown months, many have been postponed repeatedly. But, now that between 30-50 guests are allowed to attend, depending on where in the UK you are, more and more ceremonies are bound to go ahead.

For us, more weddings and larger wedding parties means more (welcome) work. We expect wedding dresses, suits, kilts and guest outfits to be coming in thick and fast. Does your customer base know the services you offer to cater to their wedding needs?

Why is wedding garment cleaning important?

A wedding dress can be a once in a lifetime purchase. On their wedding day, a bride looks perfect and feels like a million dollars—but over the course of the day, the dress can unfortunately pick up a lot of dirt and staining.

Returning a clean dress to a bride in pristine condition and beautiful packaging, keeps the magic of the wedding day alive and makes the garment a wonderful keepsake. Either that, or something to sell on and make another bride’s day. Likewise, the groom, bridal party and guests will have splashed out on occasion wear that they will look to have cleaned after the event.
Beautiful Packaging

What to look out for

Stain Wash Power

When any items are brought in for cleaning, a thorough inspection is vital to take note of any stains, snags or tears and to set expectations with the customer. Care labelling will give suitable methods of cleaning, for example, dry cleaning—but it is particularly important to be vigilant with occasion wear as labelling sometimes states that care instructions do not apply to embellishments. Again, this helps to manage customer expectations from the outset about what is possible, as well as any risks involved.

Whether you are washing, wet or dry cleaning, we have products to get the best possible result for your customers—from stain removers such as Stain Wash Power (which is fantastic for removing dirt picked up around the train and bottom of the dress) to detergents and finishing agents.

Packaging and wedding garment bags

How the dress is presented when returned to the customer is also important, and a luxury, high end feel can add value to the customer experience—justifying a higher price. We have a broad range of wedding packaging, from clear gown poly, to breathable gown bags and wedding boxes.  

Have you got everything you need to prepare for the wedding season?  Visit our online shop to stock up on chemicals and packaging to stay ahead of the game.

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