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Over the past few years we have seen more and more of our dry cleaning customers move to wet cleaning for the bulk of their work. Many of our laundry customers have also upgraded to include wet cleaning in their service. 

The feedback we hear is overwhelmingly positive. While wet cleaning isn’t new, chemicals and technology are always developing which means even if it’s something you’ve looked into but dismissed in the past, it could be worth a second look.   

What are the benefits? 

Many newer wet cleaning chemicals require low dosage so are extremely cost-effective. They remove the need for hazardous material removal or permits – a further saving, as well as less hassle for you. 

Wet cleaning gives excellent results across a wide range of textiles including, wedding and evening dresses, leather, suede, wool and even Ugg boots!  No specialist machinery is needed, in fact, most modern washers which are fully programmable can be programmed for wet cleaning.

Why not give us a call and one of our technical wet cleaning specialists can give you a no obligation call to see if wet cleaning is right for you.

For more information, like to find out if your existing machinery can be programmed, and if wet cleaning could be a good fit for you, contact us on 0800 074 2325 or email [email protected]

Textile Care

Bio or Non-Bio: what is the difference, and which should I use? 

These are questions we are asked on a fairly regular basis. And the answer is a lot simpler than you’d think.

What is the difference between bio and non-bio?

Without getting too technical – biological, or ‘Bio’ detergents contain enzymes which act as a catalyst to break down proteins such as dirt, grease, sweat and other stains. Soiling is then easily lifted and rinsed off of the garments, making bio detergents excellent stain removers. The enzymes work best at around 40 degrees and start to ‘die off’ at hotter temperatures, so become less effective on hotter washes.

Non-biological (non-bio) detergents do not contain any enzymes so are less effective stain removers at low temps and rely on added stain removers and higher temperatures.

Are non-biological detergents better for sensitive skin?

Not necessarily. If biological detergents are dosed and rinsed correctly there is absolutely no reason they would cause any irritation. Irritation is more commonly caused by bleaching agents, or perfumes contained in detergents or fabric softeners. 

In summary, if you are washing at lower temperatures you will get a better result from a bio detergent and provided this is properly dosed and rinsed there shouldn’t be any issues with skin irritation.

If you are washing at higher temperatures a non-bio detergent would be a better option.

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