Alternatives to using polyethylene roll and bags for textile care
Alternatives to using polyethylene roll and bags for textile care

Alternatives to using polyethylene roll and bags for textile care

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with environmental sustainability and reducing their waste. As a result, they spend time seeking out businesses and products which align with their values and are willing to pay a premium for more sustainable products.
As single use and plastic products are becoming less popular and costs soar, we have seen a move away from traditional poly rolls and bags. That’s why here at TCS we have a number of alternatives.
100g Biodegradable Polyroll 12.5kg

Biodegradable poly roll and bags

These are a direct replacement requiring no change in your processes. This means they can be easily switched with no extra hassle. The bags come printed with an EPI logo showing it is biodegradable and can be an excellent marketing tool. With an additional cost of around 1-2 pence per sleeve of poly roll compared to traditional poly this is an extremely cost-effective option.

Reusable breathable garment covers

This product takes things to the next level by removing the need for single use bags completely. They look fantastic and can make your business stand out from the rest. These can also be personalised with your own logo and choice of colour, for a small additional cost.   

Breathable non-woven duvet bags give your duvet service a professional, high end look and allow the customers to store duvets in a suitable bag. 

Duvet Bag
Drop and Go Bags

Drop & Go laundry bags

Ideal for customers to use repeatedly to bring items in and take them home again, their robust handle and base board make them sturdy enough to re-use over and over. Plus, the size is perfect for a large domestic load.

Suit and gown covers

These have been a mainstay for many years either to use in place of poly, or as a retail item. Now, we have added a six-shirt hanger bag which has a wide gusset and specialist hanger, allowing up to six shirts. These are so efficient and look fantastic. 

Deluxe Breathable Suit Cover
Now, you may be thinking ‘that sounds great, but how would I cover the upfront cost?’

Well, consumers are used to paying for ‘bags for life’ in supermarkets and other shops, so passing the upfront cost of these bags on is not a massive stumbling block. Another way to recoup the cost is to create a loyalty club. For example, a customer can pay a small fee to join the club and receive benefits such as a free bag to transport textiles in and a loyalty card that you can mark off each visit to earn a discount after so many visits. Many of our customers who have gone down this route have seen their own customers return more often, and with more work since it builds loyalty and gives a high-end feel.

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