6 Benefits to Using Ozerna Eco System Products
6 Benefits to Using Ozerna Eco System Products

6 Benefits to Using Ozerna Eco System Products


Why choose Ozerna Eco System?

Interested in the new Ozerna Eco System Product Range? Here are 6 advantages to using the products.


No environmentally harmful substances. EU Ecolabel-certified and meet strict requirements with regard to the biodegradability of surfactants and their entry into wastewater.


Palm oil produced from sustainable sources. No rainforests have been affected in any way in the production of these products.


We use recyclable materials in our products and help to reduce the amount of plastics and waste produced. We meet the strict requirements that the certification places on the ratio of packaging used to washing dosage provided.


No unnecessary water or energy consumption. Our detergents and cleaning agents are effective at low temperatures and at low dosages.


No over dosage. With our smart and precise dosage instructions, we help to ensure that there is no waste of material when using our detergents.


We also demonstrate our sustainable approach with a voluntarily imposed renouncement of phosphorus-containing substances. Although the EU Ecolabel certification does not stipulate that the product is phosphorus-free, it is important for us to present a completely harmless and environmentally friendly product in this respect as well.

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